Social Media Fast

I decided that I was going to challenge myself. No social media. At the time I didn’t know how long I was going to do it. I decided that I needed a break. Christmas break was two days away, and I was looking forward to not having to put up with any drama at school for a week and a half, but I realized that I wanted to get even further away. The only way I could think of doing that was to take a break from social media.

DAY 1: Thursday, December 20.

I had had a very bad day at school. I was sick and tired of the drama and I was stressed about my chemistry final. I think it was about 6 or 7 that I decided I was going to stay off social media. I had done a social media fast a few months before. I had only challenged myself to 24 hours and I allowed myself to use Snapchat. This time I was not going to use Snapchat.

I posted on my story that I didn’t know how long it would be and gave my phone number in case someone needed to contact me.

That first night I did really well. Of course I would catch myself clicking on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat but I’d put it down. I didn’t delete the apps from my phone because I have everything arranged on my home screen how I like it, so I just logged out. If I did happen to click on an app I would see that I was logged out and stop myself.

DAY 2: Friday, December 21

Usually everyday when I wake up I have a planned 10 minutes that I lay in bed awake before I get ready for school. I usually spent this time on social media. I caught myself reaching for my phone to do just that. Then I remembered. So I was on my phone but I was doing a puzzle.

I don’t ever use my phone at school so that was no problem. But I got home and I was constantly picking up my phone to just scroll through Facebook.

This was the day that I cheated a bit. I looked on Snapchat to see who all saw my “I’m leaving social media” post. I had also found out that one of my friends brothers had gotten engaged. I logged onto Instagram to see the post.

DAY 3: Saturday, December 22

That morning we went out of town to get together with family to celebrate Christmas. This was the day that I was really thankful to be off social media.

I was able to sit and hang out with my cousins without the temptation of looking at my phone all the time.

The two girls close to my age and I went to Barnes and Nobel and hung out for hours just talking. We only looked at our phones if our parents were texting us.

It was AMAZING. I was able to enjoy being with them and genuinely having fun and meaningful conversations.

DAY 4: Sunday, December 23

This day went really well even though there was a long car ride. I wasn’t really tempted to go on social media at all. Instead, I hung out with my cousins for the last little bit we had and talked to my sister.

Since I wasn’t on my phone as much on the drive home, I was really able to stop and think. At this point I don’t know when I am going to go back on social media. I think I want to stay off until after Christmas though. I want to really be able to spend time with my family this holiday. I want to be able to really enjoy it.

DAY 5: Monday, December 24

This was a super easy day. It is getting easier everyday to stay off social media.

We had a big family get together and I was able to visit rather than sit on my phone all day.


The rest of the days went similar. I logged back onto social media on Wednesday, December 26. I had successfully gone through Christmas without using social media.

As I was going through the fast, I thought that once I logged back on that I would want to catch up with everything that I had missed, but that was not the case. I checked one account and that was it.

In the days that followed I found that I was using social media a lot less than I had been before. It was actually really nice. I have only snapchatted one person since my fast and it doesn’t even bother me. I find myself forgetting to check people’s stories and I found that it didn’t matter as much to me now as it did before.

I went into this fast just needing a break from everything. I had no idea what I was going to get out of it or even how long I was going to do it for.

I am so glad that I did this. It made me realize that social media is not that important. It also showed me that I don’t have to be on social media 24/7, I’ll survive. I am also happier when I am not on social media too much.

I think that everyone should try to do a social media fast, you will be amazed at the results.


2018 Christmas Gift Haul


Darkest Minds

Darkest Legacy (signed)

An Ember in the Ashes

The Bane Chronicles

The Shadowhunter’s Codex

The Alchemist


A total of $140 in Barnes and Noble

50$ Master card

$25 Walmart gift card


Sultry by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Norvina by Anastasia Beverly Hills


Reindeer ornament

Puppies calendar

Riverdale Calendar

Baby it’s Cold Outside decoration

A Book Review: A Torch Against the Night



I loved this book. In my opinion, it was better than the first one. I felt like the first one was back up information to get the story going.

This was my second time reading it.

There was more fantasy in this book. We were made more aware of the supernatural being that are in this world. Elias becomes one at the end.

Keenan is the Nightbringer. Wow, I had completely forgot that this happened. Which is obviously why I am rereading before reading A Reaper at the Gates. This was a twist that I don’t think you could have seen coming.

Goodbye Izzi. This was so sad but I felt like it had to happen. They are on the run with threats at every corner, something had to happen to someone or else it wouldn’t seem realistic.

Seriously shipping Laia and Elias! This is a relationship that I need in my life.

The breakout! This was an epic ending scene with plenty of action. I love books that end with a battle scene and then a cliffhanger but not one that is going to break my heart until I read the next one, and that is exactly how the ending of this one was.

Well, now on to A Reaper at the Gates!

A Book Review: An Ember in the Ashes



I had first read this book two years ago, I was 15. I loved this book the first time I read it. It was the first fantasy novel I had read and it’s what led me to my favorite books.

Keep in mind this is Sabaa Tahir’s first book, so it’s not going to be perfect. It was amazing in general, let alone a first book.

The world building. I’m probably biased on this as my favorite author, Sarah J Maas is awesome at world building. I thought this book introduced the world very nicely. Everything makes sense. You aren’t trying to figure out the difference between the Martials and Scholars half way through the world because it has been explained.

Characters. There are some amazing characters. Every single one is explained. You almost know how they are going to act to a situation.

You may be wondering why the three star review? I gave this book three stars because the action just wasn’t there for me. Yes, there was action but it was the type that kept you guessing. Yes, this is my second time through but even when I am reading some of favorite books the third time, I am kept on the edge of seat.

So all in all, it is a great book and it wouldn’t be a waste of time to read it. The characters and the world alone are a reason to get involved and keep reading to the end of the series.

Riverdale: Season 3 Episode 8 “Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak”

Amazing midseason finale. Riverdale knows how to do a finale.


Their scenes were amazing. Cheryl is the best girlfriend ever. The only thing I had a problem with was Cheryl asking Toni to move in with her. They’re only in high school.


I am so happy that we finally got to meet his mom and Jellybean. Jug leaving Archie was really hard for him to do but I think that it was right for the storyline to move on. Jug is not going to stay away from Riverdale that long.


This was everything I was hoping for. I wanted Betty to save herself. I wanted Jug to be right, that she can take care of and save herself.


Hiram Lodge is back at it again. Wanting to control everything… but sit maybe not. He’s not the gargoyle king. He has still taken over Riverdale and is keepjng everyone in and stopping the outside from getting in, sadly including Jug and FP.

The only problem I had with this episode was that there were no Bughead moments.

January 16 is just too far away!!

Elseworlds Part 3

Amazing crossover. I don’t think I have a single complaint.

The changes to reality were all done well and everything fit.

Clark and Lois are the cutest!! I so badly want a Superman TV show about them living on Argo.

What did Oliver mess up in order to save Barry and Kara? I really hope he didn’t mess anything up with him and Felicity. That would just make their storyline this season dumb and it would be for nothing.

I already can’t wait for next years crossover. It must mean that they are confident in everything getting renewed.

Elseworlds Part 2

Part 2 was just as good if not better than part 1. Even though I am super tired, I was able to stay wide awake and freak out through the whole thing.


Her entrances were amazing. I am already in love with this character. I hope that her and Kara are able to become great friends. I want that female team up.


I am so happy that they had this moment. When Oliver wasn’t going to tell her, I was screaming at him. But their makeup was amazing. The kiss in the flash suit was pretty great too.

This is a really short review because I am almost falling asleep. But I am excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to see how things turn out.